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Jewelry Design Statement

I began designing jewelry in 2000 as a side gig to my corporate technology career. I wanted to engage in creative work, make something tangible, and enable people to feel beautiful and unique. I get my inspiration from nature and travel. I’m forever motivated by the design elements I discover on a walk in the woods or a stroll on the beach or exploring in a foreign country. 


I like that this work requires an imagined muse. To have to consider how a piece will present itself when worn by someone who chooses it is an engaging challenge. I delight in knowing that the customer is what completes each piece and chooses to take it on their unique set of adventures. 


This 'story' aspect of jewelry appeals to me—it involves a wearer and a viewer, creating the potential for engagement and connection. I see my jewelry as a keeper of memories, an observer of daily life, and a treasured source of association.

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