Hello, I'm Jen!

I’m a contemporary mixed-media & digital artist. I create digital works that I sell as limited edition prints and that I use to create hand-embellished originals incorporating my digital designs along with paint, ink, charcoal, and paper from my travels. I also do larger original acrylic/mixed-media pieces on board. 


I worked as an executive in technology companies for over 30 years. Now I’m semi-retired and focusing on art, social enterprises, travel (when that’s a thing again), and learning different cultures and languages. Much less stressful and more fun!


Artist statement 


I grew up in various places around the world, exposed to cultures and ideas that helped me understand that there is no “one right view” to anything. Probably because of my travels, I love art with texture, layers, and color. I find that those pieces morph as you get more familiar with them, which truly fascinates me. The transition from first impression to casual acquaintance to the point that work is forever embedded in your heart is a wonderful journey. I’m always intrigued by the layers & perspectives you get to explore over time and how what you see changes without you realizing it. With my own art, I try to present that opportunity to the viewer/collector – my hope is that a piece will catch your eye, intrigue you with its details, and simply become unforgettable.

Cannon Beach Vibes.JPG

oh, and I live here...

(yes, this print

is available too!)