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Hello, I'm Jen!

A contemporary mixed-media
& digital artist

Artist statement 


I grew up in various places around the world, exposed to people, cultures, & ideas that convinced me there is no “one right view” to anything, including beauty & art. Probably because of my travels, I love meeting people. The transition from first impression to casual acquaintance to the point they are forever embedded in your heart is a wonderful journey.


I’ve always been intrigued by the layers & perspectives you get to explore throughout the world & how what you see changes without you realizing it. With my own art, I try to present that opportunity to the viewer/collector – my hope is that a piece will catch your eye, intrigue you with its details, & simply become unforgettable.

About the Artist 

Jen Hoff has been an artist for over 15 years. Her mixed-media paintings have been collected internationally, displayed in public installations, exhibited in Colorado, Texas, and Oregon galleries, and won an award from the Colorado Gallery of the Arts. She has been represented by galleries in Denver & Breckenridge, Colorado, and has three art books currently available on Amazon. She is a board member of the Cannon Beach Arts Association and always has available work at the Cannon Beach Gallery.

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